Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Two of Us…and Friends: A Young Couple’s Guide to Cooking and Entertaining (Easily, Affordably) with Elegance and Style

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The Two of Us...and Friends: A Young Couple's Guide to Cooking and Entertaining (Easily, Affordably) with Elegance and Style

The Two of Us…and Friends introduces young couples to cooking and entertaining, while providing fun and inexpensive ways to have all the extras like flowers, candles, and invitations. Organized with the 2-4-6-8 principle, each section contains four full menus, plus cooking, decorating, and entertaining tips taken from real life experiences. The "2" chapter, for "The Two of You," deals with the couple's care and feeding, emphasizing the need for alone time. The "4" chapter for a "Party of Four" includes easy but sophisticated menus with a seasonal bent. "6" celebrates "The Joy of Six" with lunches and dinners, sometimes in unusual places, and "Eight and Up" changes the formula slightly to provide not only a swanky dinner party for eight, but for 16, 24, and 32. Special "Multiplication Tables" note which menus are easily halved, doubled, and more, with specific notes on what might occur if you want to alter the recipes. Easy, annotated recipe conversions provide additional assistance. Rounding out this uniquely wonderful book are Jessie's exuberant, contemporary tone, unique entertaining suggestions, and delicious watercolor illustrations throughout.

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